About us

How we started

Message Community Grocery launched in September 2020 and by May 2021 we had seen 200 people make the decision to follow Christ and asking for a church here at The Message. We had always said as The Message that we would never launch a church but we prayed and felt as individuals that we would be disobedient in this situation not to and there, in an office at The Message, was birthed Message Community Church.

We have never felt a spiritual excitement about something we never dreamt we’d do! We launched on Sunday 4th July and saw over 150 people attending on the first Sunday and every week since have seen between 130 and 230 people attending on a Sunday with hundreds more connecting in some way. Around 80% of those people are brand new Christians from Wythenshawe. It’s been incredible to hear the stories, week in, week out, of God at work and transforming lives!

Our values

We believe in the power of the gospel to save and transform lives. Our main values are around multiplying disciples, generosity, prayer, community and fun.

Our team

We’re a church that doesn’t have a paid pastor but are an ‘all involved, all serving’ church led by a team of five couples, click on the button below for more info.