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As we run this church as a community we’ve all got our part to play and can get involved. By joining a team you’ll not only help make church happen but get to know more people at the same time too. Click Here to fill in our interest form for joining a team and we’ll be in touch soon.


Eden Teams are people who choose to live in communities around the UK, sharing the good news of Jesus in word and deed and creating a deep sense of community. Here at Message Community Church, we have partnered with Eden and have a number of people in the team who have relocated to the Wythenshawe area as well as a number of people who have lived in the area for many years. The heart of this team is to meet the needs of this community by running youth ministry, community projects, coming alongside people who are struggling and doing all they can to build community where they live and share Jesus with people they meet.

However, this isn’t just an Eden team mission, the whole church are called to do the same and to do all they can to see this community transformed.